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New Website coming soon!

Please pardon the current state of our site. It was initially created in the beginning to meet an immediate need after shipping the first 22 Tango to a dealer and suddenly we started getting orders. Everything happened before we even imagined becoming an amp company! Ever since then we've been busy building amps and developing some of the most unique and rewarding designs on the market today. We're finally getting around to building a website that doesn't look like it was created in a halfway house so your visit to will be a rewarding as plugging into our amps. Stay tuned for our new look! 

--------- 10/19/2013 ----------

Introducing "Wicked Johnny"

Wicked Garden overdrive channel paired with a Rotten Johnny output section! Fantastic tonal range, offering sparkly cleans all the way to screaming Silver Jubilee sustain, all in a 12 Watt, 28lb package starting at $1499 for the 1x12 Combo. Stay tuned, new head box coming soon! 

Some quick clips give you an idea what this little beast is about!:


--------- 04/21/2013 ----------

Check out the latest on the June Bug 2 on the revised product page including tips on how to dial up this little beast. 

--------- 12/27/2012 ----------

Kick up your style a notch with a Brookwood Leather Handle!

We're now offering stylish Brookwood Leather amp handles as an upgrade option. Check out their tasty work here: 

Contact us for pricing and details.

--------- 12/12/2012 ----------

Today might be the last sequential date...

...but it ain't the last Nolatone!

Finally I have the product pages for the new Road Hogg, Road Hogg Lite, and Wicked Garden up for your viewing pleasure. Check out the pages which have an in-depth writeup of what these offer and what I had in mind when I was developing them. You can go straight there using the links below:

Road Hogg

Road Hogg Lite

Wicked Garden

--------- 11/21/2012 ----------

We are proud to announce the next generation Junebug, the Junebug 2. This updated version incorporates great features from the Road Hogg and Wicked Garden and adds an optional "mid scoop" control that opens the Junebug 2 up to an entirely new dimension of tonal options. This option is the best $50 you'll ever spend!

Click here for more details 

--------- 11/15/2012 ----------

Special thanks to the good people a The Tonequest Report for taking the time to review the Wicked Garden 18. If you don't already subscribe, be sure to sign up at

No advertising, just 100% gear lover paradise.

Also, I apologize for not having product pages up for the great new Wicked Garden and Road Hogg (and it's little brother Road Hogg Lite), but here are some pictures to give you some visual reference:

Wicked Garden 18 watt 1x12 combo (also available in 22, 30, and 50 watt)


Road Hogg Heads (22 and 45 watts)

On left with 2x12 Plywood/British style cab, right with 1x12 TV Front solid pine style cabs.


Road Hogg Lite (20 and 30 Watts), in 1x12 Solid Pine combo (total package weighs only 35lb!)



--------- 8/25/2012 ----------

Come Check Us Out at the Southeastern Guitar and Amp Show at the Raleigh Convention Center, Sept 22 & 23

We will be exhibiting in the SoundPure booth and will have some brand new products for you to check out including:

Road Hogg 45

Road Hogg 22

Road Hogg Lite

Wicked Garden 18

Wicked Garden 50

Rotten Johnny


For more info about this great show experience check out:

--------- 6/23/2012 ----------

It's been a while since I've updated this site, my apologies to those who have been wondering. We are still alive and well and here for the long haul. At some point in the future we will have an update for the website, but lately I've been putting my efforts into continuing to build the best quality amps available plus working on some new offerings, which I want to update you all on.

Below is an update on the new Road Hogg, Road Hogg Lite, and Wicked Garden models...

Nolatone Road Hogg and Road Hogg Lite

I've had a dual product development going for a while now. The Road Hogg is the parent model, but I knew once I got the preamp locked in I was going to offer in as the "Road Hogg Lite" as well. Both are now shipping.

A professional production video demo of the Road Hogg 22 is forthcoming. It was shot at SoundPure Studio in Durham, NC and should be excellent. It is still in editing.

The Road Hogg was designed to for the stage and those who perform on that stage night after night. It represents many lessons I've learned working with working musicians, listening to their concerns, and learning what is important to them.

Simplicity is a big factor for the musician who is on the road playing every night and the Road Hogg delivers on this while avoiding being a "one trick pony". It's easy to dial up and not at all "tweaky". Subtle changes can be achieved by moving the controls allowing easy dial up of the amp for any venue without reinventing the sound reinforcement formula every night.

It works great with humbuckers and single coils/P90s alike. It was designed to offer the clean headroom needed to be the foundation for a variety of music styles, and to take pedals exceptionally well allowing the player to shape his/her tonal palette to their needs, interacting beautifully with the subtle nuances of whatever pedals, guitars, and pickups in front of it.

 At the same time, the Road Hogg is ultra dynamic and touch sensitive as well to inspire the ultimate in musical expression. This combination of functional, simple but flexible, and inspiring will make you love your job that much more.

How is the Road Hogg trick different from all the others? To start with, it uses a special configuration of a 12dw7 for the input tube that emulates the wonderful but tempermental ef86 without the microphonics and reliability issues. This makes this amp an excellent pedal platform and contributes to the amp's enhanced dynamics and touch sensitivity. This special input stage feeds a Plexi style cathode follower driven tone stack which delivers the punch and energy that have made the Plexi one of the coveted mainstay amps on live stages for over 40 years. I wanted more tonal flexibility than that circuit offers though so I modified it to use the mid control we use in the Rotten Johnny.

Imagine a Plexi, but with a mid control that scoops mids in such a way that you can get tight bottomed Fender and Vox-like sounds too. That's what this does. And a flip of a switch or a stomp of a button and we bypass our mid control and you have Marshall Plexi tone stack with cranked mid. Works great as a boost or another voice.

Also, the bypass boost on the first stage works great and is also foot-switchable, so you get two footswitchable options for variety and flexibility in live performance without compromising the simplicity of the amp.

In the Road Hogg, this all feeds a fixed bias output section. The 22 Watt version uses 6V6s, 45 Watt uses KT66s, all driving into a Mercury Magnetics Radio Spares OT. The Radiospares OT with 6V6s makes for a LOUDer than expected 22 watter, just like our 22 Tango.

The Road Hogg combos use our large pine TV front cabinets. The 22 Watt Combo starts at $1999, and the 45 watt starts at $2199.

We now also have a new TV front head box for this line and a 2x12 pine cabinet for the TV front line is available as well as a combo or extension.

Head pricing is $1899 for the 22 watt, and $2099 for the 45 watt.

Here's the Road Hogg Head and 1x12 extension cabinet:

The Road Hogg Lite uses the same preamp, but drives a cathode biased pair of EL34s that push a smaller output transformer. This results in much less weight and lower overall volume you would expect from EL34s. So it's a 35-40 watt amp, but in the package it's not a terribly loud 35-40 watts. *But it's still darned loud!*

I dropped by SoundPure and Eddie and Dave jammed a bit on the Road Hogg Lite in the space that will soon be the new Musical Instrument division of SoundPure. Here are some some clips taken from my phone that give an idea what this amp is about until I can do a more formal demo:

The Road Hogg Lite uses the small chassis and the smaller pine TV front cabinet (if anyone recalls the Superbug, it's that cabinet), and, wait for it...all this potent prowess in such a compact portable package starts at just $1699!!

The Road Hogg family really builds on the 22 Tango, offering all the benefits of that amp easier to control and harder to get a bad sound out of. It's possible the Road Hogg is going to replace the 22 Tango and I may develop a next generation Tango to take it further into Trainwreck style behavior (not a TW clone!!), though I may call it the "Tango-Wreck" in honor of the late Ken Fischer.

Nolatone Wicked Garden

 Those of you who are familiar with the Blacktooth Prototype, it has evolved into the new "Wicked Garden". I couldn't compromise the clean channel by building an amp deathly enough to call the "Black Tooth". Because it is a channel switcher, I *demand* a rewarding clean channel that inspires, something most high gain monsters don't offer. This amp ended up having an amazing clean channel while at the same time offering an overdrive channel that takes you all the way up to the heavy rock realm with amazing flexibility. I'll have full details once I get the Wicked Garden page created. Here are some peeks at it though:


--------- 7/26/2011 ----------

Nolatone will be at the Nashville Amp Expo August 19-21

We will be sharing a room with our great friends at Channing Amps.

Come out and check out the Nolatone line including the latest sensation, the Rotten Johnny. We're also introducing the brand new Road Hogg 45 and the latest version of the Blacktooth Prototype. Should be a great time, so stop on by!



--------- 5/27/2011 ----------

It's been a long while since my last news update. With all the excitement of Nolatone having relocated from Atlanta to Raleigh, NC, website work has been pushed to the back burner for a bit! An update on some things:

The Rotten Johnny is getting rave reviews. It's just such a great little amp. Thanks tons to Premier Guitar for their stellar writeup. We are truely blessed to have such a great bunch of people committed to high quality boutique products the way they are. 

Though I've not yet posted it on the website, the Blacktooth Prototype program is coming along nicely.I'm getting lot's of great feedback from those participating in it and the end result is going to be stellar. I'm still running the program for a while longer so prototype units can still be purchased at a discounted price.

Click here to see what this bad boy is looking like at this point....

More news, we have a new model coming up, the "Road Hogg". This expands on the Rotten Johnny's ultra flexable yet simple preamp design and extends it to higher power output section options. It will be on the larger chassis and can be done in the birch ply Chimey Limey style cabinet or the solid pine 22 Tango style cabinet.

Stay tuned for more details on both the Blacktooth and the Road Hogg.


--------- 8/11/2010 ----------

Premier Guitar video of Nolatone Rotten Johnny and

Black Tooth 50 at the 2010 New York Amp Show


--------- 5/12/2010 ----------

Nolatone at the New York Amp Show, June 5 and 6!

New York Amp Show

--------- 4/23/2010 ----------

Announcing the new Nolatone "Rotten Johnny". 15 watts of monster tone in a grab and go package that's very economy friendly!

Click here for more details...

--------- 3/31/2010 ----------

Nolatone now offering Austin Speaker Works speakers as upgrade option. Any amp can be upgraded:

KTS-70: $160 per speaker

Elegante (80 watt Alnico): $250 per speaker

--------- 3/28/2010 ----------

New music from Scott and Jen Smith of Naked Blue,

featuring the Nolatone 22 Tango!

Check out Naked Blue at:

Nashville Amp Expo

August 21 and 22 in Nashville, TN.

In addition to our current product line, we'll be showing the new Black Tooth prototype, and it will rock your world!

---------Austin Amp Show ----------

March 6 @ 7 in Austin TX. Come out and joint the noise!!

---------12/28/2009 ----------

Kicking new 22 Tango Demo by Lance Keltner. Watch below.


---------10/30/2009 ----------

Nolatone Ampworks moves into our new shop located at:

781 Wheeler St
Suite 9
Atlanta, GA 30318

We're making this shop a great demo site and a great place to hang out and talk gear!

---------10/15/2009 ----------

The trip to the LA Amp Show was a blast, and good things happened:

Announcing our newest endorser, Carl Verheyen! 

Anouncing our newest dealer, Wild West Guitars:

--------- 9/19/2009 ----------

Nolatone proudly announces our newest endorser, Andy Brauer, famous guitar and amp tech to the LA Music scene!

Andy's client list reads like a phone book. Some of you might remember a guitarist called Slash who played for a band called Guns'n'Roses. Who do you think keeps that insane Les Paul collection healthy!!

Andy is helping us introduce Nolatone Amps to the massive pool of talent he provides his services to.

Check out Andy and his work at:

or, at Myspace:

--------- 9/12/2009 ----------

CL-30 and Superbug clips and info available. Photos coming soon.

--------- 8/27/2009 ----------

We had a GREAT weekend at the Nashville Amp Expo. We introduced two new models, in protoype cabinets, but the designs are ready to go!

Click here to check out the new Superbug and CL30 Chimey Limey!

---------- 7/31/2009 ----------

Greg Jennings of Restless Heart now playing the 22 Tango!

We are tickled pink to have Nolatone amps on stage with one of the finest country bands in history as a Nolatone player. Greg Jennings of Restless Heart is the newest 22 Tango player. Welcome aboard Greg! See what Restless Heart has been up to and where to catch them live at

Nolatone goes to Nashville!

We are proud to announce World Music Nashville as our latest dealer. They will be carrying our entire line. I had the pleasure of meeting Larry and his staff in person and I can tell you, these are a great bunch of guys. Larry has a very knowledgible and enthusiastic staff and they all took the time to become familiar with our amps. Stay tuned for product availability at World Music at

---------- 7/15/2009 ----------

Nolatone goes to Scandanavia! 

We are proud to announce our first international dealer, These Go To 11 in Sweden! Just a killer selection of the finest in pedals as well as Mad Professor amps! Now they will be stocking the full Nolatone line.

Check them out at

---------- 7/1/2009 ----------

Guitar Player Magazine Reviews Nolatone 22 Tango!

Check us out in the August 2009 issue of Guitar Player Magazine...or read the review here:

Part 1 ....... Part 2

---------- 6/30/2009 ---------- now stocking the Nolatone Junebug!

UPDATE: has added the CL-15 Chimey Limey to their Nolatone Lineup!

Check them out at

---------- 6/15/2009 ----------

We are proud to announce Nicky Moroch as a new Nolatone player!

Nicky is an in demand session player around New York City when he's not playing lead guitar for David Sanborn! It's just mind boggling listening to Nicky play and he is LOVING the Junebug in the studio. Stay tuned for a swankin' video of Nicky working the Junebug in all it's glory! For more on Nicky Moroch, check out his website at

Here's a tasty bit of

Nicky Moroch in the studio

with the Junebug

Carl Verheyen playing a sweet Beatles tune through the CL-15