Latest Nolatone News
Latest Nolatone News

Nolatone Spotlight

Re-Introducing Our Beautifully Beastly 5 Watt Junebug 2!

The Junebug 2 has just been redesigned and is now available for ordering.

This is more fun than anyone should ever be allowed to have with only 5 watts!

More clips coming soon, but here's a little taste for you:

Please see the Junebug 2 product page for more details

What's in a Nolatone
  • Top Quality Mercury Magnetics Iron

  • Hand Wired, NO PCBs!

  • 20ga Solid Core Wire

  • Sturdy Aluminum Chassis with Welded Corners

  • Top Quality Components

  • Creative Passion Driven Designs

  • Tasteful and Unique Cosmetics
These are just a few Nolatone Quality features

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