Chimey Limey In Doubly

CLID-30 Specs
Model CLID15 CLID30
Power Output 30 Watts
Output Tubes 4 - EL84 (Cathode Bias)
Preamp Tubes 1 - 12dw7/ecc832, 3 - 12AX7
Rectifier Tube - GZ34
  • 1960 Channel: Volume, Tone
  • Top Boost: Volume, Treble Bass
  • Global: Cut, Master Volume
Switchable Controls Boost, Bright (1960 Channel) Boost, Bright (1960 Channel)

Available Configurations

Head TV Front or Facia Panel
1x12 Combo Split Panel Birch Ply
2x12 Combo Split Panel Birch Ply
Dimensions See our cabinets page for more info

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Design Description

The Chimey Limey "In Doubly"

The CL series amps were developed to deliver the magical bloom, chime, and grind of the coveted British amps from the 60's, but in more abundance and with higher quality than the currently available offerings from "the big V".

But the Vox AC30 changed a lot between 1960 and 1963. The demands of up and coming "British Invasion" players prompted changes to roll with the changes in the musical landscape at the time but now, decades later, there is no clear favorite. Many love the original 1960 circuit with the pentode input, and may love the later "Top Boost" circuit. With the Chimey Limey "In Doubly" you don't have to choose, you can have both in one amp!

So "In Doubly" means double the channels, double the inspiration, double the fun! But you're not sacrificing anything, the CLID, just like it's single channel stable mate, is meticulously point-to-point wired, each channel completely independent with it's own input (you can switch between them with an a/b/y switch).

Either channel, when pushed smoothly transitions into some of the most beautiful, sweet, and dynamic chimey power tube overdrive you are likely to hear this side of the 60's!

1960 Channel

The 1960 channel is identical to the single channel Chimey Limey, sweet, balanced, beautiful. Thanks to the pentode input and the simplicity of the circuit as compared to the Top Boost channel, in my experience, it tends to like pedals better in general (your mileage may vary). I believe Brian May plugs his treble booster pedal into the "Normal Channel" on his AC30s. I expect that's why!

Top Boost Channel

The Top Boost channel is approached differently. Though capable of the ultra bright and jangly sounds of that era, you can dial in a wide range of shapes thanks to the unique interactive treble and bass controls. I've enhanced that channel a tiny bit to make it more open and less compressed sounding than a lot of the top boost style amps, making it just a bit cleaner.

Plug into a Chimey Limey and you will immediately understand how it got it's name!

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