Club Master

Clubmaster Specs
Power Output (A loud) 16 Watts (lower and higher power versions available)
Output Tubes 2 - 6V6 (Cathode Bias)
Preamp Tubes 1 - 12dw7/ecc832, 1 - 12AX7
Rectifier Solid State Plugin (Octal base tube compatible)
Controls Volume, Tone, Master
Switchable Controls Lean/Thick

Available Configurations

Head TV Front (This head box is different. Get details)
1x12 Combo Small TV Front, solid pine
Dimensions See our cabinets page for more info

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Design Description

The Club Master

The Nolatone Club Master was designed with pedals in mind. It's simple with a voice that's perfectly balanced. The controls work smoothly and reaching down to tweak one of them is never a mistake, but you may find you don't tweak them much. Quick and easy to dial up what you want, then it's just you and your music. Simple, artful.

This all makes the Club Master a great pallete on which to paint your sonic masterpiece. The nuances of your guitars, pickups, and hands shine through. When you switch in your pedals, they behave and do what you expect them to do, and you hear the nuance of those too!

This simple circuit uses the reliable pentode input tube stage, controlled by a simple yet effective volume and tone circuit with a mini switch to give you the choice of a lean or thick low end. The result is a more dynamic response with a consistent, gradual ramp up in volume and distortion unlike, for example, the classic Tweed Deluxe, which won't get much louder after noon on the volume dial! And thanks to the ultra effective master volume circuit we use, you will enjoy a gradual ramp up in output volume.

Note, this amp is not high gain so if you want to get singing sustaining distortion at bedroom levels with the master volume turned down low you will need a distortion pedal to achive that. The master volume was included in this circuit for the purpose of reducing volume when full volume is too loud.

The gradual increase in distortion as you dial the volume up gives you a LOT of range to set just the right level to use with your dirt boxes. Whether you want to start with squeaky clean, slightly hairy, all the way up to full out crunch, you can effortlessly find just that right spot. And if you're an old school type who likes to crank the amp all the way up and ride the guitar volume, the Club Master won't disappoint. As with all Nolatone designs, number one priority is, it MUST sound and feel great on plugging a guitar straight in!

Plug into a Nolatone Club Master. Your pedals will love it, and you'll love them right back!
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