Junebug 2

Nolatone Junebug

The Junebug is currently currently in limbo...

It was my second creation, named after my daugher Ava June. She's grown into a young lady, and the Nolatone product line has grown as well, and I'm currently advising customers do consider any of the several other models in the sub 20 watt power range, depending on their needs.

Some background behind this: After many years of designing and voicing the various Nolatone designs, I've come to the realization that I simply prefer the sound and feel of a push-pull output section (the Junebug is single ended, a completly different style of output section). With the improved Master Volume circuit introduced in 2015, I feel anything that the Junebug does can be done as well or even better with another Nolatone model, for not much more money.

And for a bit more money you get more power to allow the amp to be used for jams or small venue gigs, but still controllable with the excellent Master Volume control. Frankly, the Junebug being a 5 watt amp, I have a hard time charging the amount of money I would need to charge for it to make sense to build.

If you are interested in a Junebug, contact me to discuss your needs you expect to fill with a Junebug and I'll do what I can to advise you on which model will best suit those needs. Click here for contact info .

If you are really (really) wanting or needing a lower power single-ended amp, let's talk. I've been pondering a few ideas about what the Junebug might look like for this new generation, something that fits with the other models in the Nolatone line and provides something unique that's not too much overlap with other designs. It may not be just 5 watts though. I may go with a higher power output tube, who knows what I'll end up doing with it!