Nolatone Pricing

Nolatone Pricing

NOTE: Prices and options subject to change without notice

Here at Nolatone we want to help make sure you choose the amp that suits your needs the best. You can work directly with the creator himself. He will discuss your style and tone preferences to help you make the best choice possible. Whether you know exactly what you want or need some guidance in that decision, Paul will personally assist.

Please contact us by Phone or E-Mail for purchasing info

Chimey Limey 30

Head $2299
2x12 Combo (Alnico Speakers) $2899
Head + 2x12 Ext Cab (Alnico Speakers) $3099

Chimey Limey "In Doubly" 30

Head $2599
2x12 Combo (Alnico Speakers) $3199
Head + 2x12 Ext Cab (Alnico Speakers) $3399

1960 LimeyVerb

1x12 Combo (Ceramic Speaker: WGS Green Beret) $1899
1x12 Combo (AlNiCo Speaker: WGS Black and Blue) $1999

Club Master

1x12 Combo (Ceramic Speaker) $1699

Club Master Reverb

1x12 Combo (Ceramic Speaker) $1899

FlexiPlex Road Hogg

50 and 37 Watt

Head $2399
1x12 Combo (Ceramic Speaker) $2499
2x12 Combo (Ceramic Speaker) $2699
Head + 2x12 Ext Cab (Ceramic Speakers) $2999

18 Watt

Head $2199
1x12 Combo $2299
2x12 Combo $2499
Head + 2x12 Ext Cab (Ceramic Speakers) $2799

Rotten Johnny

Head $1649
1x12 Combo (Ceramic Speaker) $1699


NOTE: WGS Alnico speakers and custom colors are available for an upcharge. Please inquire at time of order.

Split Panel (Birch Ply)

2x12 Extension
(Loaded with WGS Ceramic Speakers)
1x12 Extension
(Loaded with WGS Ceramic Speaker)

TV Front (Solid Pine)

2x12 Extension
(Loaded with WGS Ceramic Speaker)
Large 1x12 Extension
(Loaded with WGS Ceramic Speaker)
Small 1x12 Extension
(Loaded with WGS Ceramic Speaker)

Nolatone Pricing
  1. Lead times are an estimate and cannot be guaranteed. Much of every Nolatone product is produced by hand and while we estimate lead times based on our production load at the time of order and historic lead times for various subassemblies it is always a possibility that the process can take longer than anticipated. We ask for your patience should this occur. We will not ship a product until the quality meets our high standards.

  2. No cash refunds, exchange only

  3. Deposits placed when ordering an amplifier are considered a binding contract between Nolatone Ampworks and the customer and are non refundable.

  4. Exchange will only be done after approval by Nolatone Ampworks and must be requested via email within 7 days of product delivery. Replacement will be done with a product of equal or greater value of your choice. Upcharges and product lead times will apply.

  5. To get an exchange, you must return the original product to us in like new condition in the original packaging received from Nolatone (customer is responsible for all return shipping cost and shipping of the new product). If the product is received in other packaging a 10% restocking fee will apply.

  6. Customer agrees to insure or assume responsibility for any damage to the product in transit between customer and Nolatone Ampworks.

  7. Nolatone Ampworks is in no way liable for any products not received due to customers providing us with improper mailing address and/or instructions.